Starting a Slide Show

Once you have set up your slide show, you can start the show at any time. As you run your slide show, you can use the Slide Show toolbar, or Pop-up toolbar, to access certain PowerPoint commands without leaving Slide Show view. If your show is running at a kiosk, you might want to disable this feature.

Start a Slide Show and Display the Slide Show Toolbar


Click the Slide Show menu, and then click View Show.


Move the mouse pointer to display the Slide Show toolbar.


Click a button on the Slide Show toolbar to move to the next or previous slide, or navigate the slide show, or end the show.


Did You Know?

You can start a slide show quickly from the current slide . Click the Slide Show button.

See Also

See " Setting Up a Slide Show " on page 234 for information on preparing a slide show.

Set Slide Show Options


Click the Tools menu, and then click Options.


Click the View tab.


Select the slide show and pop-up toolbar check box options you want.

  • Prompt To Keep Ink Annotations When Exiting

  • Show Menu On Right Mouse Click

  • Show Popup Toolbar

  • End With Black Slide


Click OK.


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