Printing an Outline


When you print an outline, PowerPoint prints the presentation outline as shown in Outline view. What you see in the Outline pane is what you get on the printout. PowerPoint prints an outline with formatting according to the current view setting. Set your formatting to display only slide titles or all of the text levels, and choose to display the outline with or without formatting. From the Print dialog box you can choose to preview your outline before printing.

Print an Outline


In Outline pane, format your outline the way you want it to be printed.

  • Display only slide titles or all text levels

  • Display with or without formatting


Click the File menu, and then click Print.


Click the Print What list arrow, and then click Outline View.


Click the Preview button to view your outline before printing and access more print options, and then click Close.


Click OK.



Did You Know?

You can scale slides to fit your paper when you print . Click the File menu, click Print, select the Scale To Fit Paper check box, and then click OK.

See Also

See " Working with Outlines " on page 196 for more information on saving a presentation as an outline.

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