Microsoft Office Excel 2003 offers several tools for making your worksheets look more attractive and professional. Without formatting, a worksheet can look like a sea of meaningless data. To highlight important information, you can change the appearance of selected numbers and text by adding dollar signs, commas, and other numerical formats or by applying attributes, such as boldface, italics, and underline.

Once you've set up your worksheet, additional changes are available to customize your worksheets look. You can change the default font and font size, or maybe you'd like to adjust the alignment of data in cells. In addition to column, row, or font changes, you can add colors to cells or fonts, and include patterns to cells . You can also add borders around columns of data to help group them visually, or even add some clip art, a company logo, or some pictures.

By using AutoFormats and styles to apply multiple changes, you can speed up the formatting process and ensure a greater degree of consistency among your worksheets. You can use the Find and Replace Formatting feature to find the various formatting attributes and change them.

Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
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