With the creation of your workbook, and all the various elements that you've added, why not share it with others? You can save your workbook as a Web page, and then preview it as a Web page to be sure you have the right look.

Incorporating hyperlinks within your Microsoft Office Excel 2003 worksheet adds an element of connectivity to your work. You can create a worksheet, and then have a hyperlink with supporting research to add to the content of your data. Or, you can copy data from a Web page and incorporate it into your Excel workbook. Either way, using the Web to publish Excel data or incorporate research into your workbook, is a great resource.

A single worksheet can become an extensive connection to other data elements, with added hyperlinks. And, given Excel's ability to exchange information, you can analyze data and hold on-line meetings. You can also send files using e-mail, all while maintaining Excel's functionality.

Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
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