Creating a Hyperlink Field

The Hyperlink data type allows you to create a Hyperlink field, a field that can store hyperlinks . The hyperlink can be a path to a file on your hard disk drive or network, or it can be a link to a page on the Web. When you click a Hyperlink field, Access jumps to the target specified by the link. For example, if you have a Clients table, and most of your clients have their own Web pages, you might want to create a Hyperlink field that contains links to each client Web page.

Create a Hyperlink Field in a Table


Display the table in Design view.


Create a new field in which you want to store a hyperlink.


Click the Data Type list arrow, and then click Hyperlink.


Click the Save button on the Table Design toolbar to save the changes to the table.


See Also

See "Viewing Field Properties" on page 69 and "Changing Field Properties" on page 70 for more information on working with data types.

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