To print a simple list of the records in your table, you can click the Print button. But if you want to include calculations, graphics, or a customized header or footer, you can create a report. A report is a summary of information in one or more Microsoft Office Access 2003 tables. Reports allow you to include enhancements that a simple printout of records in a table would not provide. In many cases a report answers important questions about the contents of your database. For example, a report might tell you how many movies in several different categories (such as drama, comedy , and western) have been rented each month or the amount of catalog sales made to customers in Canada in the last quarter. In addition to providing detailed and summary information that can include calculations, reports also provide these features:

  • Attractive formatting to help make your report easier to read and understand.

  • Headers and footers that print identifying information at the top and bottom of every page.

  • Grouping and sorting that organize your information.

  • Graphics to enhance the appearance of a report with clip art, photos, or scanned images.

Show Me Microsoft Office Access 2003
Show Me Microsoft Office Access 2003
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