The Spring Framework is a major open source application development framework that makes Java/J2EE development easier and more productive.

Spring offers services that you can use in a wide range of environments, from applets and standalone clients through web applications running in a simple servlet engine to complex enterprise applications running in a full-blown J2EE application server. Spring enables a POJO programming model that decouples your code from its environment, protecting your investment in the face of change. Spring works on JDK 1.3 and later, taking advantage of JDK 1.4 and 1.5 features if available. Spring's J2EE services run on J2EE 1.2 and later.

This book will show you how you can use all the major parts of Spring to help you develop successful applications. You'll learn not just what Spring does, but why. You will gain insight into best practices when using the framework, and you will see a complete sample application.

Whom This Book Is For

This book is for Java/J2EE architects and developers who want to gain a deep knowledge of the Spring Framework in order to use it effectively in applications from simple web applications up to complex enterprise applications.

If you're new to Spring, you will still be able to work your way through this book. However, the coverage of advanced topics will ensure that even experienced Spring users will find information to help them use Spring effectively. You will probably want to keep this book on your desk for reference as you develop applications using Spring.

Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
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