Hammant,Paul (coined Dependency Injection),8

handle() method, HandlerAdapter interface,478

handleInvalidSubmit() method, SimpleForm Controller class,470

handler adapters,MVC,449

handler exception resolvers,MVC,456–458

handler interceptors,MVC,446–449

handler mappings,MVC,441–446

HandlerAdapter interface,446–447,478

HandlerExceptionResolver class,435,441,454,456–458

HandlerExecutionChain class,446–449

HandlerInterceptor class,435,436–437,446–449,517–519

HandlerMapping class,435,441–446,454


Hellesoy,Aslak (coined Dependency Injection),8

Helm,Richard (Design Patterns),597

Hessian,remoting using

accessing a service,310–312

definition of,306,309

exception handling,308

exporting a service,312–313

support classes for,309–310

when to use,310,333

HessianProxyFactoryBean class,309,310–312

HessianServiceExporter class,309


BLOB handling,285–287

CLOB handling,285–287

compared to Spring Framework,1,3

configuration file,274

DAO implementation for,270–273

DAO support class for,173

definition of,255,268–269,287–288

integration with,19

JCA connector setup,275–276

mapping file for,269–270

object query language used by,257

Open Session in View pattern,273,282–285

reattachment and duplicate object problem,280–281

resource management for,16,17–18

session lifecycle,280

Spring setup for,273–276

transaction management,276–282

when to use,287–288

Hibernate in Action  (King,Bauer),269

Hibernate Query Language (HQL),268

hibernate.cfg.xml file, 274

HibernateDaoSupport class, 173

HibernateInterceptor class, 281–282

HibernateTemplate class, 245, 270, 272, 278

HibernateTransactionManager class

definition of,225,226,227,245–246

when to use,276

HierarchicalBeanFactory interface, 47–48, 50

Hoeller, Juergen

J2EE Development without EJB ,169,398,491,597

Spring Framework developer,32–33

Hollywood Principle,8

Home object lookups,encapsulating,400–402

hot swapping,13,148–149

HotSwappableTargetSource class,148–149,162

HQL (Hibernate Query Language),268


isolation level support,220

key generation using,195

HsqlMaxValueIncrementer class,JDBC,195

HTTP invoker,remoting using

accessing a service,314–315

additional invocation attributes for,316


definition of,306,313

exception handling,308

exporting a service,315–316

secure communication with,316

support classes for,313–314

when to use,333

http:// prefix for resource location string,85,92

HttpInvokerProxyFactoryBean class,313

HttpInvokerRequestExecutor class,317

HttpInvokerServiceExporter class,313

HttpRequestIntegrationFilter module,Acegi,382–383

HttpServletRequest class,479–480

HttpServletRequestWrapper class,Acegi,381

HttpSessionIntegrationFilter module,Acegi,382

HttpUnit tool,485

Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
ISBN: 0764574833
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 188

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