Section 3.2. The Info Pages


3.2. The Info Pages

The GNU project has adopted the Texinfo format for its documentation. Texinfo documentation can be printed (using a conversion to TEX) or read online (in the "info" format, a very early hypertext format that preceded the World Wide Web). There are many programs for reading the info documentation in Linux. Here is a small selection.

  • The Emacs editor has an info reading mode; type [ESC] X info to enter this mode.

  • The info and pinfo programs are small text-mode programs for browsing info pages.

  • Most system documentation programs (such as the GNOME yelp and KDE khelpcenter programs) are capable of displaying info pages. We recommend these tools, as they generally provide a hypertext interface to the info pages that is more familiar to anyone who is comfortable using a Web browser than the interface presented by Emacs, info, or pinfo. (These tools also present other system documentation such as man pages and documentation for the system they are part of.)


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