What Is SMS?

Text messaging is a good way to stay quietly in contact when you're on the go, which makes it perfect for Global Mobile travelers.

Before I get into the startling numbers behind text messaging, let me explain what this whole "texting" business is all about. Remember back when you were in elementary school and you got caught passing notes? (Okay, maybe I'm talking about myself here.) That was text messaging: simple, to the point snippets of information. In my case, it was usually, "I like you, do you like me? Yes/Nocheck one." It was immediate in that I just had my best friend (the carrier) pass the note over to the cute girl in the third row. It was passive in that although I desperately wanted a response, none was required. Okay, fast forward a few decadestoday, advances in wireless technology allow us to send the same sorts of passive notes (no immediate response required) to people sitting next to us in a meeting or on the other side of the planet with equal ease. Oh, by the waythat cute girl never did respond to my note.

So, why send a text message when just calling is so much more personal? Well, for several reasons. Texting can impart some critical piece of information without the whole greetings and salutations business that a traditional phone call requires. It's also good for sending information that is fairly complicated without your recipient having to write it downan address or phone number are good examples. There are literally hundreds of uses for sending these passive notes. Perhaps you're in a situation where speaking on the phone is impossible or rude, such as sitting in a movie theater or a business meeting. Whip out your trusty mobile and text away. You won't bother a soul.

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Virgin Mobile is promoting "Safe Text" by informing its customers about how being "over-texted" can lead to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).

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