screencapture [-i [-s  -w  -W]  -m] [-x] { -c   pathname   ...} 


Saves the contents of the screen to a PDF file or to the Clipboard. Unless using the - i option to start an interactive screen capture, the contents of the entire display are captured.



Saves screenshot to the Clipboard for later pasting.


Initiates interactive screen capture. The mouse is used to select a region of the screen to capture. Pressing the spacebar toggles between this mouse selection mode and a window selection mode, in which clicking on a window captures the portion of the screen taken up by that window. Pressing the Control key saves the screenshot to the Clipboard. Pressing the Escape key cancels the interactive screen capture.


Captures only the main display, if multiple displays are in use.


Disables window selection mode in an interactive screen capture; only mouse selection is allowed.


Disables mouse selection mode in an interactive screen capture; only window selection is allowed.


Starts an interactive screen capture in window selection mode instead of mouse selection mode.


Disables sound effects.


The name of a file in which to save the screenshot. You should terminate the filename with a .pdf extension.



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