ntptimeset [-l] [-d]... [-v] [-s] [-c   filename   ] [-u] [-S   integer   ]  [-V   integer   ] [-t   timeout   ] [-H] [-a   key_id   ] [-e   delay   ] 


Synchronizes the system clock in a manner similar to ntpdate , but in a way that attempts to compensate for current, possibly degraded, network conditions.



Enables secure authentication with the key specified by the given identifier.


Specifies the location of the configuration file. Defaults to /etc/ntp.conf .


Enables debugging output.


Specifies the delay, in seconds, caused by authentication. Normally this value is negligible.


Simulates poor network conditions by dropping a proportion of network packets.


Enables logging to syslog .


Sets the system clock. Otherwise, ntptimeset merely reports the clock's offset.


Specifies a minimum number of servers that must respond. Defaults to 3 .


Specifies time, in seconds, spent waiting for a server response. Defaults to 1 .


Uses an unprivileged client port.


Enables verbose output.


Specifies a minimum number of servers that must respond with a valid time. Defaults to 1 .



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Mac OS X Panther for Unix Geeks
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