Disabling Scripting

By default, scripting in JSP pages is valid. Because scripting can make pages difficult to maintain, some JSP page authors or page authoring groups may want to follow a methodology in which scripting elements are not allowed.

You can disable scripting for a group of JSP pages in an application in one of two ways:

  • Select the Ignore Java Script checkbox in the JSP Property Group node of the NetBeans 5.5 web.xml editor.

  • Set the scripting-invalid element of the application's deployment descriptor to true. The scripting-invalid element is a child of the jsp-property-group element that defines properties for a set of JSP pages.

For information on how to define a group of JSP pages, see Setting Properties for Groups of JSP Pages (page 149). When scripting is invalid, it means that scriptlets, scripting expressions, and declarations will produce a translation error if present in any of the pages in the group. Table 81 summarizes the scripting settings and their meanings.

Table 81. Scripting Settings

JSP Configuration

Scripting Encountered






Translation Error

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