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It is impossible to properly acknowledge everyone who played an important role in the creation of this book. Here is a short list:

My family, without whom I d not be here and not be what I am: my parents, Ronald E. and Margaret S. Jeffries; my brothers, Dick, Tom, and Pat; my wife Ricia; my sons Ron and Mike.

My forebears, betters, and colleagues in the XP and agile community: Ward Cunningham, Kent Beck, Martin Fowler, Alistair Cockburn, Jim Highsmith, Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas, Bob Martin, and so many more.

The many people interested in Extreme Programming and agile methods who have helped me to figure out what I was trying to say, by wading through so many ideas on mailing lists all over the Internet.

My pal, pair programmer, and colleague, Chet Hendrickson, and my pair programming partner, Paul Friedman.

My editors Linda Engleman, without whom this book would not have happened ; Devon Musgrave, without whom it would have appeared to be in some strange new version of English; my technical editors Lee Holmes and Kyle Cordes; reviewer Dominique Plante; and the many others who have offered ideas, help, and criticism along the way. Jim LeValley at Microsoft Press, who supported the project from the very beginning. And the many people behind the scenes at Microsoft, including Carl Diltz, who paged the book, Julie Kawabata, who created its index, and Joel Panchot, who created its art. Thanks also for the proofreading of Sandi Resnick at Microsoft and the team at NSightWorks: Joe Armstrong, Steve Boudreault, Catherine Cooker, Kerin Foley, Beth Lew, Katie O'Connell, Dan Shaw, Asa Tomash, and Melissa von Tschudi-Sutton.

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