Creating the SAMPLE Database on zSeries

DB2 UDB for zSeries comes with two installation jobsDSNTEJ1 and DSNTEJ7which are used to create sample objects, including a sample storage group, databases, table spaces, tables, views, and indexes. The sample tables are created and populated under the schema DSN8810.

Although the tables created on zSeries are similar to the tables created on LUW, their names and structure are slightly different. The data with which they populate differ as well on the two platforms.

For the examples used in the book, we suggest you create the tables using the script shown in Figure F.2. By using a DB2 LUW client and the DB2 Connect software, you can connect to a DB2 UDB for zSeries subsystem and run the script. The schema or table qualifier will be the TSO ID you use to connect to the DB2 for zSeries subsystem. Make sure the lines that are specific to zSeries are not commented out in the scripts.


The accompanying CD contains the DDL creation script corresponding to the LUW SAMPLE database. It also contains the sample data as populated in the LUW platform. You can use the files if you want identical sample databases (definition and data) on both platforms.

In addition to the SAMPLE database tables, you still need to create a few other tables to ensure that you can run every example shown in this publication. Figure F.3 provides the DDL for the additional tables. You should create these tables using the same schema used to create the SAMPLE database tables.

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