Exploring Web Server Options

Apache is not the only web server available; there are actually some proprietary web servers that you can buy. Table 30.1 briefly describes several of the important ones. According to the Netcraft survey, four web servers are currently run by more than one percent of the websites on the Internet: Apache, Microsoft s Internet Information Server, Zeus, and Sun Microsystems s Sun One.

Table 30.1: Web Servers




Used by America Online; this is an open source web server. More information is available from www.aolserver.com .


The most popular web server on the Internet; more information is available from httpd.apache.org .


A high-performance, open source web server that, unlike other web servers, runs most connections as a single process. More information is available from www.boa.org .


A modular open source web server. Like Boa, it runs most standard connections as a single process. More information is available from www.caudium.net .


A web server developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). See www.w3.org/Jigsaw for more information. All software from this consortium conforms to their open source license.

Red Hat Content Accelerator

A kernel-based high-performance web server, formerly known as TUX. For more information, see www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/tux .


A server based on JavaServer Pages (JSP); more information is available from www.caucho.com/resin . This is a proprietary server available for purchase.


A secure web server licensed under the GPL. For more information, see www.roxin.com .


An application web server written in the Java programming language. See www.servertec.com for more information.


A secure web server based on Apache, owned by Red Hat; part of Red Hat s Advanced Server. For more information, see www.redhat.com/software/stronghold .

Sun One

A web server from Sun Microsystems; formerly known as iPlanet, it is now part of the Sun One series of application servers. More information is available from wwws.sun.com/software .


A small, secure web server, licensed under the GPL. The U.S. website is available at hopf.math.nwu.edu .


A commercial high-capacity web server. More information is available from www.zeus.co.uk .


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