Red Hat Linux includes a wide variety of fully featured GUI applications. The Red Hat CDs include three office suites as well as several high- powered graphical applications.

The office suites included with Red Hat Linux are OpenOffice, GNOME Office, and KOffice. All three suites include word processors, spreadsheets, drawing programs, diagram creators , and presentation managers. Project management tools, mathematical formula managers, and personal finance programs are also available.

The graphical programs run the gamut from simple color managers (like GQview) to fully featured graphical programs (like The GIMP). GUI documentation viewers , such as PDF, DVI, and PS readers, fall into the same category.

In Chapter 19 , we ll look at many of the GUI administrative tools created by Red Hat. We ve referred to these tools by their utility names , which normally start with redhat-config-* . Most of these tools are available from the Main Menu ˜ System Settings submenu.


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