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Chapter 1: RHCE Prerequisites

Exercise 1-1: Using vi to Create a New User
Exercise 1-2: Creating a New LVM Partition
Exercise 1-3: Checking the PATH

Chapter 2: Installation

Exercise 2-1: Partitioning
Exercise 2-2: Basic Partitioning
Exercise 2-3: RAID Partitioning
Exercise 2-4: LVM Partitioning
Exercise 2-5: Advanced Workstation Installation
Exercise 2-6: Disk Partitioning a Server Installation
Exercise 2-7: Disk Partitioning Strategy for Database Server Installation

Chapter 3: After Installation

Exercise 3-1: Mirror the /home Partition with Software RAID
Exercise 3-2: Creating a Sample Kickstart File from a Running System for a Second Similar System Installation
Exercise 3-3: Modify the Packages to Be Installed (Optional Exercise)

Chapter 4: Basic Configuration and Administration

Exercise 4-1: Adding a User with the Red Hat User Manager
Exercise 4-2: Configuring the Automounter
Exercise 4-3: A Floppy Disk and the Automounter (Optional Exercise)
Exercise 4-4: Updating from the Red Hat Errata
Exercise 4-5: Modifying Network Interfaces with redhat config-network

Chapter 5: Kernel, cron, and User Administration

Exercise 5-1: Securing Your System
Exercise 5-2: Configure Quotas
Exercise 5-3: Loading the Kernel Source Graphically
Exercise 5-4: Create a cron Job

Chapter 6: X Window System

Exercise 6-1: X Server
Exercise 6-2: Multiple X Servers
Exercise 6-3: X Font Server
Exercise 6-4: Starting a Display from a Remote Client
Exercise 6-5: Troubleshooting DISPLAY Problems
Exercise 6-6: Desktops
Exercise 6-7: Customizing the startx Process

Chapter 7: Linux Sharing Services

Exercise 7-1: Installing the Apache Server
Exercise 7-2: Updating a Home Page
Exercise 7-3: Set Up a Virtual Web Server
Exercise 7-4: Configuring Squid to Act as a Proxy Server
Exercise 7-5: Configuring a Basic FTP Server

Chapter 8: Linux Network Services

Exercise 8-1: Using Home Directories
Exercise 8-2: Configuring Samba with Shares

Chapter 9: Network Management

Exercise 9-1: Set Up Your Own DNS Server
Exercise 9-2: NFS
Exercise 9-3: Using the NFS Server Configuration tool
Exercise 9-4: DHCP

Chapter 10: Systems Administration and Security

Exercise 10-1: Configuring PAM
Exercise 10-2: Using PAM to Limit Access
Exercise 10-3: Checking Logs
Exercise 10-4: Configuring xinetd
Exercise 10-5: Configuring tcp_wrappers

Chapter 11: Operational Administration Recovery and Security

Exercise 11-1: Verifying that Services Have Their Own Accounts
Exercise 11-2: Controlling Group Ownership with the SGID Bit
Exercise 11-3: Clearing an Imaginary /db Directory
Exercise 11-4: Performing an Emergency Boot Procedure

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