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A number of important network client services are associated with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3. Two of them are Samba and CUPS. Samba sets up interoperability between Microsoft Windows and Linux/Unix computers. CUPS allows printers to be set up locally or over the network.

Samba allows a Linux computer to appear like any other Microsoft computer on a Microsoft Windows-based network. Samba is based on the Server Message Block protocol, which allows Microsoft computers to communicate on a TCP/IP network. It has evolved as Microsoft has adapted SMB to the Common Internet File System.

The main Samba configuration file, /etc/samba/smb.conf, includes separate sections for global settings and share definitions. The Red Hat Samba Server Configuration tool is a GUI tool that makes it easier to configure smb.conf. Changes to smb.conf can be easily tested with the testparm utility.

Linux includes the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS). With CUPS, the configuration files are stored primarily in the /etc/cups directory. However, it also includes a list of printers in /etc/printcap to accommodate sharing through Samba. You can edit the CUPS configuration files directly, with Red Hat's Printer Configuration tool or the CUPS Web-based interface.

Because RHCE is a performance-based exam, it is important to practice all the skills discussed in this chapter. You may need to use these skills on the exam!

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RCHE Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux Study Guide[c] Exam (Rh302)
RCHE Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux Study Guide[c] Exam (Rh302)
ISBN: 71765654
Year: 2003
Pages: 194

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