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Table 1: Red Hat RHCT/RHCE Related Courses
Table 2: Coverage of Red Hat Exam Prep Guide Requirements

Chapter 1: RHCE Prerequisites

Table 1-1: Basic Filesystem Hierarchy Standard Directories
Table 1-2: Media Devices
Table 1-3: Important fdisk Options
Table 1-4: Wildcards in the Shell
Table 1-5: Linux Print Commands
Table 1-6: Description of File Permissions
Table 1-7: IP Address Classes
Table 1-8: Standard lftp Client Commands

Chapter 2: Hardware and Installation

Table 2-1: Result When You Partition Automatically
Table 2-2: Example Partition Configuration for a Linux File Server
Table 2-3: Installation Virtual Console Commands and Functions
Table 2-4: /tmp Directory Configuration Files During the Installation Process
Table 2-5: Custom Installation as a Workstation (No Other OS), 1.2 GHz Pentium, 20GB Single Disk, 256MB of Memory
Table 2-6: Custom Installation as a Server, 2 GHz Pentium, 10GB Single Disk, 256MB RAM
Table 2-7: Custom Installation as a Server (No Other OS), 2.4 GHz Pentium II, 25GB Single Disk, 512MB RAM

Chapter 3: The Boot Process

Table 3-1: GRUB Editing Commands
Table 3-2: Red Hat Runlevels
Table 3-3: Key Non-network /etc/sysconfig Files

Chapter 4: Linux Filesystem Administration

Table 4-1: Some Linux Standard Filesystem Types
Table 4-2: Journaling Filesystems
Table 4-3: File Attributes
Table 4-4: Description of /etc/fstab by Column, Left to Right
Table 4-5: /etc/fstab Mount Options

Chapter 5: Package Management

Table 5-1: rpm --query Options
Table 5-2: rpm --verify Codes
Table 5-3: Build Directories from RPM Sources
Table 5-4: Build Directories for Source RPM Files

Chapter 6: User Administration

Table 6-1: The Anatomy of /etc/passwd
Table 6-2: The Anatomy of /etc/group
Table 6-3: useradd Command Options
Table 6-4: The Anatomy of /etc/shadow
Table 6-5: Default Home Directory Files from /etc/skel
Table 6-6: PAM Control Flags
Table 6-7: Switches for the Module
Table 6-8: Some /etc/ldap.conf Parameters

Chapter 7: System Administration Tools

Table 7-1: /etc/sysconfig/network Variables
Table 7-2: /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts Files
Table 7-3: Other Network Configuration Commands
Table 7-4: ifconfig Switches
Table 7-5: The netstat Flag Indicates the Route
Table 7-6: CUPS Configuration Files
Table 7-7: Entries Associated with Different Printer Devices
Table 7-8: Entries Associated with Different Printer Devices
Table 7-9: Entries in a crontab Command Line
Table 7-10: Examples of the at Command
Table 7-11: Standard Red Hat Log Files

Chapter 8: Kernel Services and Configuration

Table 8-1: Available Red Hat Enterprise Linux Kernels (and Related Packages)
Table 8-2: Kernel Configuration RPMs
Table 8-3: Available Physical Volume Management Commands
Table 8-4: Available Volume Group Commands
Table 8-5: Available Logical Volume Commands

Chapter 9: Apache and Squid

Table 9-1: Global Environment Directives
Table 9-2: Main Server Configuration Directives
Table 9-3: Virtual Host Configuration Directives

Chapter 10: Network File-Sharing Services

Table 10-1: NFS Tool General Options
Table 10-2: NFS Tool User Access Options
Table 10-3: Some vsFTP Server Configuration Commands
Table 10-4: Various smbpasswd Commands

Chapter 11: Domain Name Service

Table 11-1: DNS Server Configuration Files

Chapter 12: Electronic Mail

Table 12-1: Mail Server Components
Table 12-2: Key Mail Server RPMs
Table 12-3: Directives in dovecot-openssl.cnf for Your Own SSL Certificate

Chapter 13: Other Networking Services

Table 13-1: Typical Tcp/Ip Port Numbers
Table 13-2: Standard Parameters for xinetd Configuration Files

Chapter 14: The X Window System

Table 14-1: Common X Client Command Line Options
Table 14-2: X Client Geometrical Positioning

Chapter 15: Securing Services

Table 15-1: Sample Commands in /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny
Table 15-2: tcp_wrappers Operators
Table 15-3: Sample Commands in /etc/sysconfig/selinux

Chapter 16: Troubleshooting

Table 16-1: Linux Runlevels

Appendix A: Sample Exam 1

Table A-1: Available Red Hat Enterprise Linux Kernels (and Related Packages)

Appendix B: Sample Exam 2

Table B-1: Required Partitions

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