Chapter 12: Examining Key Web Service Files


Throughout this book’s chapters, you have created countless web services that implement a variety of tasks. To access the web services, you have made extensive use of a web service’s .asmx file. Using the .asmx file, for example, you have taken web services for test drives using a browser, generated a web service’s WSDL and DISCO statements, and placed web references to the service within the programs you have created.

This chapter provides you with an opportunity to step back and review the various files that Visual Studio .NET generates each time you create a web service. You have used several of these files throughout this book as you have fine-tuned security settings, specified application and session settings, or worked with a service’s discovery settings.

By the time you finish this chapter, you will be able to readily describe each of the web services’ support files and describe ways you can use the files’ entries to customize key operations.

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