Chapter 12: Printing


Rachel has worked with PowerPoint for many years , but has done little with printed presentations. Now, she has been asked to use some of her slides as printed promotional materials. She has been using color schemes for online work, but now she needs some help making sure what she has created will look right when printed.

All of the presentation development I have done has been for on-screen presentations. I very seldom print slides. When I do print materials, I send the slides to Word and print them on a black and white laser printer.

Now, several of the slides I created to introduce the corporate color scheme have been chosen for use as part of the corporate identity project. The slides need to be printed quickly and cheaply for proofing, as grayscale sheets for review, as full- size color posters for posting at the offices and as flyers for distribution to company employees .

I know I am not going to get exact color reproduction when I print, but can you help me get something close?

Rachel has two different problems with her project: the printers and the paper size.

  • She needs the same materials to be printed in three different formats: a black-and-white laser printer for the review copies, a color inkjet for the posters and gray scale options on either printer for the flyers. She needs to ensure the printers have the same fonts available and the slides are set up for printing in all three color modes.

  • She needs to ensure what she has designed can be scaled for use as posters. The slides were created for on-screen use, but the printed posters will be on large paper. The posters will need to be larger, but they will also have a different proportion between the length and width than the on-screen presentation. To solve this problem, Rachel must ensure the pages have been set to scale without problems.

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