Save That Presentation

Save That Presentation!

Done? Nope, not yet! We need to save the presentation first. There are many options available for saving presentation files. Different formats can be selected, different extensions can be used and presentations can even be packaged for sharing with other users. The details of all these different options are covered in various places in the rest of this book. For now, we need to cover a few quick pointers about saving PowerPoint files:

  • Turn off fast saves! Yes, this was already covered in this chapter, but that was many pages ago. Go check it was done.

  • Save frequently. Losing presentations happens all the time. The more you save, the less likely you'll lose yours.

  • Always keep a backup copy of your file. If it is too tempting to make a backup regularly, get Shyam Pillai's free Sequential Save add-in for PowerPoint from his site at This add-in sets up a naming sequence so the file gets a new name every time it is saved.

Now That The Presentation Is Saved

we'll continue on with the regularly scheduled portion of this book. Next up are two somewhat hidden but useful tools for organizing the presentation content.

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