Appendix A: Where To Get More Help

Group Help Sources

Main PowerPoint Newsgroup

This on-line group can be accessed through the local newsreader, through the community web interface from the Microsoft site or through the web interface on Google Groups.

  • To access via a newsgroup, set the news reader to microsoft.public.powerpoint (for PC questions) or (for Macintosh questions)

  • To access via Microsoft's Communities interface, go to

  • To access via Google's web interface, go to

  • When searching for answers to your questions, you might try going to either the general Google site ( or the Google Groups site ( and searching there. You never know what you might find.

The Microsoft PowerPoint newsgroup is a great place for getting answers to all things PowerPoint. The experts there (including myself and the other PowerPoint MVPs) will do their best to provide answers in a timely manner, with humor and fun conversations on the side.


This is Linda Johnson's excellent question and answer group for all questions and issues related to Office. Hosted by, this list is a wonderful resource for both the new and experienced user . Emails come directly to your inbox. To join the list, visit

PowerPoint Yahoo Group

This Yahoo group is dedicated to answering PowerPoint questions of all kinds. This group is not nearly as active as the Microsoft PowerPoint newsgroup, but there are several good questions asked about PowerPoint each week.

To access this group, go to:

Do not confuse this with the Microsoft PowerPoint Yahoo group ( The microsoftpowerpoint group is virtually dead and generates quite a bit of spam.

The Office Experts

This is an on-line forum run by MrExcel. I am currently the moderator for the PowerPoint section of the forum. Questions tend to come in spurts, with answers provided by a wide variety of Office users.

To access the forum, go to

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