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client/server interdependencies
code examples
     accessing SOAP from Java
     add watcher JSP
     Amazon Java bindings, generating from WSDL
     Amazon watcher implementation
     Amazon web services, connecting to
     Axis client stub generation
     basic auctions XML
     Blogger connectivity
     building the news sheet
         part II
     core Search class
     current date web service
     deleting a watcher JSP
     dynamic SOAP client
     eBay API simple call
     eBay connection code
     eBay search watcher
     eBay, monitoring specific auctions
     eBay, retrieving data from
     fax sender code
     fax tokens
     generating posts
         part II
         part III
     Google watcher
     HTML forms
     HTML standards, differences
     InterFAX bindings, generating
     LiveJournal connectivity
     main interface JSP
     MD5 hash
     news JSP interface
     payment initialization form
     PayPal receipt
     PayPal tokens
     POST requests
     private developer tokens
     RSS feed generation
     RSS JSP
     RSS watcher
     static Axis tool
     story data holder
     weblog driver interface
     weblog tokens
coding standards, issues raised by
competitive analysis
     Amazon connections
     application features
     eBay connections [See eBay]
     gathering web service data
     Google connections
     JSP pages
computer networks [See networks]
current date web service

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Real World Web Services
Real World Web Services
ISBN: 059600642X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 83
Authors: Will Iverson

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