Making an XSLT Transformation Happen

Making an XSLT Transformation Happen

You use an XSLT processor to bring about an XSLT transformation, such as transforming planets.xml into planets.html. You can use XSLT in three ways to transform XML documents:

  • With standalone programs called XSLT Processors. There are several programs, usually based on Java, that will perform XSLT transformations; well see a number of them in this chapter.

  • In the client. A client program, such as a browser, can perform the transformation, reading in the stylesheet you specify with the <?xml-stylesheet?> processing instruction. The Internet Explorer can handle transformations this way to some extent.

  • In the server. A server program, such as a Java servlet, can use a stylesheet to transform a document automatically and send it to the client.

Well see all three ways of performing XSLT transformation in this book. In fact, youre going to see an overview of all these different ways of doing things right here in this chapter.

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