Navigating the Tracks Window

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Because of the amount of data that can be contained in the Tracks window, there are various tools provided in Digital Performer to help you navigate the window.

The Zoom Tools

The visual representation of different tracks can be seen in the right half of the Tracks window. Depending on the number of different tracks you have, the small boxes that represent your music can be difficult to see. Digital Performer provides you with Zoom tools to help you get a closer look.



Depending on the number of tracks and the length of your sequences, there is a good chance that you will not be able to see all of the data in the window. Scrolling allows you to pan to different areas.


The Window Divider

You can see that the Tracks window is comprised of two distinct areas: the left half, which provides track information, and the right half, which shows a visual representation of the tracks. Depending on which half you are working with, you might want to make it larger or smaller to facilitate the task you are trying to complete. The Window Divider allows you to change the relative size of the sections.



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