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If you are trying to get back to a specific spot in a sequence, it can be difficult if you have not written down its location. Rather than using trial and error by playing certain parts of the sequence, you can use markers. If you've ever bookmarked or created a Favorite for an Internet page, you'll understand how markers work. You specify a location in your sequence by placing a marker. You can then quickly get back to that location at any time.

Adding and Moving Markers

You can add a marker by clicking and dragging the marker to the desired location or you can specify an exact location using the Markers window. The Markers window will be discussed later in this chapter.



Naming Markers

Markers become a lot easier to keep track of and access if you give them names rather than just accepting the default names they are given.



Accessing Markers

Within the Tracks window, there is a pop-up menu that will allow you to jump to the different locations of your markers.



The Markers Window

Everything that you've done so far visually can also be done manually by entering data into the Markers window.


At this point, you can do everything manually by entering the appropriate data.

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