In Brief

In this chapter, we got our start with C#. Here's an overview of the topics we've covered:

  • Visual C# .NET is part of the Microsoft .NET initiative. It's a CLR-compliant language that you can use either in Visual Studio .NET or at the command line.

  • The C# data types are fairly standard for programming languages, and they're based on the .NET data types.

  • All variables must be declared before use in C#. C# also supports an extensive range of operators for use with your data.

  • C# supports conditional or branching statements to allow decision-making in code. We saw the if and switch statements in this chapter.

  • C# also supports a number of preprocessor directives, much like C++, which let you compile your code conditionally, omitting and including sections as you like. You can define or undefine symbols using preprocessor directives, and use those symbols to designate sections of code you want the compiler to seeor ignore.

Microsoft Visual C#. NET 2003 Kick Start
Microsoft Visual C#.NET 2003 Kick Start
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