Internet Connection

The basic TCP/IP communication software comes preloaded on your server. However, if you want to use any of the functions, such as Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (e-mail), you must install a separate licensed program. This licensed program, TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities for i5, is included free of charge with the operating system, but it must be installed separately.

To see if this licensed program is already installed on your computer, enter GO LICPGM and then select option 10 to display installed licensed programs. Look for the TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities description. On release V5R3M0, it is licensed program 5722TC1. On a different release, the program number might be different, but it will always end in TC1.

If TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities is not loaded on your system, go back to the licensed program menu and use option 11 to install it.

Once you have the necessary software loaded on your machine, you will need some hardware. You need a communication adapter installed in your server. It can be either an Ethernet or Token Ring card, although Ethernet is far more common.

Once your communication adapter is installed, you need to configure your TCP/IP software. (See the section on TCP/IP to see how to get started on this task.)

The next step is to choose an Internet service provider. The provider will provide the necessary connections to the Internet. There are many providers to choose from, such as Sprint, AT&T, and MCI. Call your local telephone system vendor and ask who they recommend if you aren't sure of a provider.

You must decide how much bandwidth you are going to provide. Bandwidth controls how much data can be passed back and forth at one time. The larger the bandwidth, the faster the response.

Once you have connected your i5 to the Internet, your programmers can access it from home. If you want them to have the same green screens they have at work, you will need to load iSeries Access on their PC. All they have to do is access their Internet account and then start a client access session. This will connect them with your i5.

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