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Definitive XSL-FO
By G.  Ken  Holman
Publisher : Prentice Hall PTR
Pub Date : March 21, 2003
ISBN : 0-13-140374-5
Pages : 480

"Holman is my main source of information on XSL-FO...a life saver on projects where we print XML information."
W. Eliot Kimber, ISOGEN International

"For centuries, humanity has accessed information with proven page-oriented navigational tools and sophisticated formatting. Just printing Web pages won't do this job for your datayou need the power of XSL-FO. Join the thousands who have learned how from Ken Holman."
Charles F. Goldfarb

The definitive guide to state-of-the-art XML publishing with XSL-FO!

XSL-FO (XSL-Formatting Objects) enables enterprise applications to publish graphic-arts quality printed and electronic documents from any XML data store, no matter how large or complex. In Definitive XSL-FO , one of the world's leading XML experts shows how XSL-FO is revolutionizing document publishing. The book offers concise , authoritative , example-rich guidance on using the entire XSL-FO specification, including:

  • XSL-FO's objectives, semantics, and vocabulary

  • Key concepts, including layout-based versus content-based formatting, and formatting versus rendering

  • Area and page fundamentals: area models, block and inline basics, containers, page definition, and sequencing

  • Generic body constructs and tables

  • Static content and page geometry sequencing

  • Footnotes, floats, breaks, keeps, spacing, borders, and backgrounds

  • Interactive objects for dynamic displays

  • Supplemental publishing objects, including bidirectional Unicode scripts

  • Using XSLT with XSL-FOIncludes powerful quick reference tables for XSL-FO expressions, objects, and properties

Definitive XSL-FO
Definitive XSL-FO
ISBN: 0131403745
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 99
Authors: G. Ken Holman

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