Brand Element Customizations

Depending on the type of software you create, your target customer might have legitimate requirements to override or customize key brand elements. Some reasons for customization include software sold as a component in another system, software deployed in a service model (where the service provider wants its own brand recognition), or standalone software, integrated into a larger solution by a value-added reseller (VAR), where the VAR wants its own brand recognition. More generally , whoever supports the software or whoever is most visible to the user often wants brand recognition.

Marketects should be able to identify requirements for brand element customizations fairly early in the development cycle. Knowing which elements need to change is essential because you'll still have to install the software, name key components , and present messages to the user. In addition, make certain you know which brand elements may be customized and which must be customized. The former will require sensible defaults; the latter will require a way to handle the customization process.

Include precise details about every brand element that may or must be customized. These details include bitmap size, supported graphic file formats, default brand elements, and so forth. Keep in mind contract requirements in this process, as the specific requirements of brand element customization may be contractual .

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