BLOG: Managing Your Blog with Extensions

I'm out in my garage, trying to repair my 2000 Mazda Miata. There is a tool I need to fix my Miata, but I have a few choices of which tools I can pick from. I can try an SAE wrench (which might work), or I can try a tool that is opti-mized for my particular car (a Japanese car that uses the metric system-size tools).

When managing my blog, I am faced with a similar scenario. A number of third-party extensions can help me manage my blog, but which one do I reach for on a regular basis?

The answer to that question partially depends on which blogging format your blog uses. If you happen to use Google's Blogger format, BlogThis should be your extension of choice. Deepest Sender is also a good choice, but only if you use The Bloglines Toolkit is another choice if you happen to use the Bloglines News Reader.

But my favorite extension by far is JustBlogIt, simply because it allows me to select from a number of popular blog formats right from the context menu ( My blog happens to use the Movable Type format, so with that set as the parameter, JustBlogIt makes it a snap for me to highlight any URL and then immediately paste it into my blog ( If your blog format isn't listed, you can use JustBlogIt's custom setting to add any blog type you desire.

If you're trying to post from a news reader, just right-click with text selected (or not) and JustBlogIt determines which news reader you are coming from and handles the data appropriately.

Simply put, JustBlogIt is the best tool right now to manage blogs, in large part due to its support of multiple blog formats. So start using it today, and you will be happily blogging away to your heart's content, or until you run out of witty things to say. Suffice it to say that I don't often have that problem.

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