Perspective Filters


Perspective filters allow you to move your clips spatially within their frames . The Motion Effects tab is used to move the entire frame of the Canvas. This set of filters moves the picture within that frame.

Basic 3D creates the effect that your clip is manipulated in 3D space. It is simulated, though. You can adjust the rotation around the X-, Y-, and Z-axes using the Angle controls. The Center control allows you to set the center of transformation. The Scale slider enlarges and reduces the size of the entire affected layer. You can keyframe this filter to move your clip in simulated three dimensions over time. Used in combination with the Motion tab, you can achieve some very interesting effects. For example, you can roll over a clip in what appears to be 3D space and then fly this frame from top to bottom with controls in the Motion tab. This results in the illusion that the frame is flying in from behind and then passing into infinity.

Curl curls the clip as if it were a piece of paper. This filter is much like a page peel transition effect, except that you can apply it to an entire clip. Adjustable parameters include the direction, radius, and amount of curl. The Peel check box toggles the effect between curling up in a roll or peeling it and not having the "paper" roll over itself. You can place an image in the well to be used as the backside of the curl.

Flop allows you to invert a clip horizontally, vertically, or both. You select the effect via its pop-up menu. It's like taking the picture and looking at it in a mirror; left is right, and so on. Sometimes you can fix screen direction using this filter, but you have to make sure that nothing in the picture would give this away, such as a sign whose words are suddenly printed backwards !

Mirror cuts the video in half and mirrors the right side of the picture on the left in its default setting. You can adjust the center of this reflection using the Reflection Center control. You can set the angle of the mirror effect using the Reflection Angle control.

Rotate rotates the affected clip by 90 degrees to the left or by 180 degrees (upside down). The Rotate pop-up menu lets you choose the angle of rotation. This filter scales the result to fit the frame size, distorting the clip if you use the 180-degree selection. You cannot keyframe this filter. It's used to do a quick rotation.

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