Appendix F. Video Filters List


Final Cut Pro includes more than 70 video filters grouped into 12 categories. All of Final Cut Pro 4's video filters can be found in two places:

  • The Effects tab of the Browser

  • The Effects, Video Filters submenu

This appendix lists and briefly describes the standard video filters and what you might use them for. Experimenting with them is the key to learning their behavior. Also, if you look up these filters in the index, you can find their respective workshops if they were used to build "The Midnight Sun." You'll find more information about them there.

Be aware that interesting uses of these effects can be created by changing them over time. In other words, you can animate them from one setting to another using keyframes in the corresponding keyframe graphs to the right of each control. Any and all of these filters can be used in concert on the same clip, giving you even more ways to create effects. You might use a garbage matte to clean up a color key, for example. You'll learn to use them by using them, so experimenting will help you master their use. From an aesthetics point of view, though, you shouldn't use them just because you can. You should resist using them unless they tell more of the story. However, it can be argued that color correction should always be done. Paying close attention to this aspect of filter use is a must for a professional look to your program.

Some of these filters can be used on single tracks of video, such as those that affect color. Others are meant to be used to composite more than one clip. In the case of composites, the clips must be edited on different video tracks above one another. The clip on the bottom track becomes a background to the clips layered above it, and the topmost clip is in front of those below it.


Some of these filters are listed in bold in the lists you see from within Final Cut Pro (in the Effects Tab or the Effects menu). These effects are real-time effects. Those that are not listed in bold have to be rendered unless your capture card supports them in real time.

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