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This site offers online training. Some is free, and you can subscribe to more.

http://www. macfixit .com

This is a great site on which to check out others' experiences with all things Macintosh. This site reports on user experiences with new OS updates and more. It's a super site.

http://www. info

The technical library is worth a search for sure.

This is a great website dedicated to improving your video business.

This is a dedicated Final Cut Pro site that has some free tutorials and forums. It's a DV creators ' information site with tips, tricks, and "tiplets."

This is Steve Martin's Final Cut Pro information site. It contains free tutorials as well as inexpensive online tutorials. It's a great site.


When searching any forum beware of users who try to help but who have wrong information. A site's "guides" or leaders are usually right on the money with correct answers to your questions. Don't be afraid to post, but be sure you're getting the right scoop. Searching the forums (the Creative Cow's forum's search engine is wonderful) is a wise thing to do. Chances are that someone else has had the same question you want answered , so there's usually a post that answers your question.

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Jerry Hofmann on Final Cut Pro 4
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