Some reactions of developers when discussing WinForms data binding are that it is too complicated, too difficult to use, and not as flexible as ASP.NET data binding. The truth is that ASP.NET and Windows Forms data binding serve two different purposes, and therefore act, function, and look very different.

This chapter showed you that Windows Forms data binding is indeed extremely powerful and very flexible. After reading this chapter, you won't believe any of the rumors that WinForms data binding is difficult or too complex.

You saw how you can do everything from simple binding of one property on a control to a field in a data source to cascading a long series of parent/child relationships in related DataGrid objects. You saw the mechanics of WinForms data binding and the importance of learning how to use the BindingContext, CurrencyManager, and PropertyManager classes.

After reading this chapter and doing the samples included, you should not only feel comfortable using Windows Forms data binding, but also realize that it has far more power and flexibility than many people realize.

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