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Microsoft® Visual C# 2005 Unleashed
By Kevin Hoffman
Publisher: Sams
Pub Date: May 09, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-672-32776-7
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32776-6
Pages: 720

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    Part I:  C# 2.0 Fundamentals
      Chapter 1.  Introduction to C# 2.0
      What Is the .NET Framework?
      Working with Variables in C# 2.0
      C# Basic Syntax
      What You Can Do with C#
      Chapter 2.  Expressions and Control Structures
      Branching and Conditional Logic
      Looping and Repetition
      Chapter 3.  Strings and Regular Expressions
      Working with Strings
      Working with Regular Expressions
      Chapter 4.  Arrays and Collections
      Working with Arrays
      Working with Collections
      Chapter 5.  Object-Oriented Programming in C#
      Object-Oriented Design
      Object-Oriented Programming
      Chapter 6.  Introduction to Generics
      Overview of Generics
      Building Generic Types
      Using Generic Collections
    Part II:  .NET Framework 2.0 Fundamentals
      Chapter 7.  I/O and Persistence
      Introduction to Streams
      Introduction to Basic File I/O
      Using Asynchronous File I/O
      Working with Isolated Storage
      Chapter 8.  Working with XML
      Reading and Writing XML Documents
      Querying XML with XPath
      Transforming Documents with XSLT
      Validating Documents with XSD
      Chapter 9.  Events and Delegates
      Introduction to Delegates
      Using Anonymous Methods
      Creating Multicast Delegates
      Introduction to Events
      Advanced Event-Based Programming
      Chapter 10.  Multithreaded Programming
      The Basics of Threaded Programming
      Writing Your First Multithreaded Application
      Dealing with Thread Synchronization and Contention
      Using the ThreadPool Class
      Chapter 11.  Reflection Fundamentals
      Introduction to Reflection
      Working with Method Information
      Working with Member Information
      Examining Events
      Creating and Examining Custom Code Attributes
      Chapter 12.  Assemblies and AppDomains
      Introduction to Assemblies
      Assemblies Under the Hood
      Building and Using Assemblies
      Storing and Retrieving Assembly Resources
      Localization and Satellite Assemblies
      Introduction to AppDomains
      Programming with AppDomains
      Chapter 13.  COM and Windows Interoperability
      Introduction to Interoperability in C#
      Using COM Objects from the .NET Framework
      Using .NET Classes from COM
      Accessing Code in Unmanaged DLLs
      Chapter 14.  Code Access Security
      Introduction to Code Access Security (CAS)
      Using and Administering Security Policy
      Using Imperative Security
      Using Declarative Security
      Chapter 15.  Cryptography and Data Protection
      Introduction to Cryptography
      Using Secret-Key Encryption
      Using Public-Key Encryption
      Working with Hashes and Digital Signatures
      Using the Data Protection API (DPAPI)
      Chapter 16.  Optimizing Your .NET 2.0 Code
      Understanding Boxing and Unboxing
      Using Proper String Manipulation Techniques
      Efficient Loop Construction
      Speeding Up Application Start Times
      Code Profiling Using the Performance Wizard
    Part III:  Data Access with .NET 2.0
      Chapter 17.  ADO.NET Fundamentals
      Introduction to ADO.NET
      Establishing a Connection
      Communicating with the Data Source
      Working with the Data
      Chapter 18.  Advanced ADO.NET Techniques
      Working with the New Improved DataTable
      Accessing Data Asynchronously
      Updating Data in Batches
      Using the New System.Transactions Namespace
      Chapter 19.  Working with ADO.NET Data Providers
      Introduction to ADO.NET Data Providers
      Using Provider Factories
      Working with Connection Strings
      Enumerating Data Sources
      Obtaining Additional Provider Information
      Creating a Custom ADO.NET Data Provider
      Chapter 20.  Strongly Typed DataSets
      Introduction to the Typed DataSet
      Connecting Typed DataSets to Live Data
      Annotating a Typed DataSet
      Extending a Typed DataSet Using Partial Classes
      Chapter 21.  Programming with SQL Server 2005
      Introduction to the SQL Server 2005 CLR Host
      Building C# Stored Procedures
      Building C# User-Defined Functions
      Creating a C# User-Defined Type
      Working with the New Server-Side SQL Library
      Using MARS (Multiple Active RecordSets)
    Part IV:  Developing ASP.NET 2.0 Web Applications
      Chapter 22.  Introduction to ASP.NET 2.0 and Web Forms
      Introduction to ASP.NET 2.0
      Understanding the ASP.NET Page Life Cycle
      Overview of Controls Provided by ASP.NET
      Creating and Debugging ASP.NET Applications
      Handling Events and Postbacks
      Building Interactive Dynamic Pages Using Client Callbacks
      Chapter 23.  State Management in ASP.NET 2.0
      Working with Application State
      Working with Session State
      Working with View State
      State Management in Web Farms
      Chapter 24.  Using Master Pages
      The World Before Master Pages
      Introduction to Master Pages
      Advanced Master Pages Techniques
      Chapter 25.  ASP.NET Personalization and Customization
      User Interface Tailoring with Themes and Skins
      Working with ASP.NET User Profiles
      User Customization with Themes and Profiles
      Chapter 26.  Introduction to Web Parts
      Web Part Basics
      Using a Personalization Provider
      Building Your First Web Part Page
      Creating Web Parts
      Building Connected Web Parts
      Chapter 27.  Building Rich, Data-Driven Web Applications
      Introduction to Data Binding in ASP.NET
      Using Data-Bound Controls
      Advanced Data-Binding Techniques
      Chapter 28.  Securing Your ASP.NET Applications
      Security Through Authentication
      Security Through Authorization
      The ASP.NET Security Controls
      Advanced ASP.NET Security
      Chapter 29.  Creating Custom ASP.NET Providers
      The Membership Provider
      The Role Provider
      The ProfileProvider
      Additional Providers
      Chapter 30.  Developing ASP.NET Controls
      Building User Controls
      Creating Server Controls
      Managing State Within Server Controls
      Chapter 31.  ASP.NET Management and Monitoring
      Introducing the New Health Monitoring System
      Using ASP.NET Performance Counters
    Part V:  Web Services
      Chapter 32.  Exposing Functionality with Web Services
      Introduction to Web Services
      Creating a Simple "Hello World" Service
      Creating Transactional Services
      Managing State in Web Services
      Chapter 33.  Advanced Web Services Programming
      Designing for Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA)
      Using Web Service Discovery
      Using Custom SOAP Headers
      Programming Secure Web Services
      Data-Binding Windows Forms to Web Services
    Part VI:  Developing Windows Forms 2.0 Applications
      Chapter 34.  Introduction to Windows Forms 2.0
      Windows Forms Basics
      Creating a Windows Forms Application
      Using the Windows Forms Designer
      Elements of Good User Interface Design
      Chapter 35.  The Windows Forms Control Library
      The Common Controls Toolbox
      Menus and Toolbars
      The Data-Related Controls
      The Components Toolbox Group
      Components and Controls for Printing
      Dialog Components
      Chapter 36.  Advanced User Interface Programming
      Introduction to GDI+
      Creating Shaped Forms and Controls
      Using Visual Inheritance
      Globalizing Your User Interface
      Chapter 37.  Data Binding with Windows Forms 2.0
      Binding with Typed DataSets
      Introducing the BindingSource
      Using the BindingNavigator
      Working with the DataGridView
      Data Binding with Objects
      Parent-Detail Binding
      Chapter 38.  Developing Smart Clients
      Practical Web Service Consumption
      Using the New Application Settings System
      Supporting Offline and Online Operation
      Authorizing and Authenticating Users
      Multithreaded Web Service Consumption
      Using the BackgroundWorker Control
      Chapter 39.  Deploying Applications Using ClickOnce
      Introduction to ClickOnce
      Publishing ClickOnce Applications
      Updating ClickOnce Applications
      Programming with the System.Deployment.Application Namespace
      Chapter 40.  Using Enterprise Services
      Registering Serviced Components
      Just-in-Time Activation and Pooling
      Queued Components
      Role-Based Security
      Shared Properties
      Loosely Coupled Events
    Part VII:  Developing Enterprise and Distributed Applications
      Chapter 41.  Remoting
      Overview of Remoting
      Working with Remoting Channels
      Working with Lifetime Leases
      Remoting with Generics

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