Chapter 21. Programming with SQL Server 2005

In This Chapter

  • Introduction to the SQL Server 2005 CLR Host

  • Building C# Stored Procedures

  • Building C# User-Defined Functions

  • Creating a C# User-Defined Type

  • Working with the New Server-Side SQL Library

  • Using MARS (Multiple Active RecordSets)

SQL Server 2005 adds a wealth of new features for developers and DBAs alike. One of the biggest new features of SQL Server 2005 of interest to C# developers is the integration of the CLR directly into the server. This gives SQL Server 2005 the ability to host stored procedures, user-defined functions, user-defined types, and much moreall written in managed code.

The ability to reuse your existing .NET and C# skills from within SQL Server 2005, as well as have access to the entire library of .NET Framework classes, creates an incredible new opportunity for both efficiency and productivity.

This chapter shows you how you can get started writing managed code for SQL Server 2005 both within SQL Server and on the client side, with an eye toward making intelligent decisions about when to utilize the new technology and when to avoid it.

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