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Photoshop Elements 4 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide
By Craig Hoeschen
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: October 26, 2005
ISBN: 0-321-38480-6
Pages: 488

Table of Contents  | Index

      Introducing Photoshop Elements
      Personalizing Photoshop Elements
      How to Use This Book
    Chapter 1.  The Basics
      Understanding the Work Area
      Opening and Closing Files
      Saving Files
      Selecting Tools
      Using the Options and Shortcuts Bars
      Working with Palettes
      Using the Zoom Tool
      Moving Around in an Image
      Selecting Activities from the How To Palette
      Using the Help System
    Chapter 2.  Creating and Managing Images
      Understanding Resolution and Image Size
      Creating a New Image
      Importing Images from Cameras and Scanners
      Changing Image Size and Resolution
      Getting Information About Your Image
      Opening and Arranging Multiple Views
      Using Rulers
      Setting Up the Grid
    Chapter 3.  Changing and Adjusting Colors
      About Computers and Color Models
      Working with Color Modes
      Changing Color Modes
      About Tonal Correction
      Adjusting Levels Automatically
      Adjusting Levels Manually
      Lighting Your Image
      Correcting for Color Cast
      Replacing Color
    Chapter 4.  Making Selections
      About the Selection Tools
      Using the Marquee Tools
      Selecting Areas Using the Lasso Tools
      Making Selections by Color
      Using the Selection Brush Tool
      Adjusting Selections
      Softening the Edges of a Selection
      Modifying Selection Borders
    Chapter 5.  Working with Layers
      Understanding Layers
      Using the Layers Palette
      Layer Basics
      Changing the Layer Order
      Managing Layers
      Merging Layers
      Converting and Duplicating Layers
      Copying Layers Between Images
      Transforming Layers
      About Opacity and Blending Modes
      Creating Masking Effects with Layer Groups
      Applying Effects with Layer Styles
      The Style Settings Dialog Box
      Making Color and Tonal Changes with Adjustment Layers
      Using the Undo History Palette
    Chapter 6.  Fixing and Retouching Photos
      Cropping an Image
      Straightening a Scanned Image
      Straightening a Crooked Photo
      Repairing Flaws and Imperfections
      Applying Patterns
      Correcting Red Eye
      Sharpening Image Detail
      Enhancing Image Detail
      Blending Image Elements with the Smudge Tool
      Using the Tonal Adjustment Tools
      Removing Color
      Adding a Color Tint to an Image
    Chapter 7.  Filters and Effects
      Using the Filters and Effects Palettes
      Applying Filters and Effects
      Filter Gallery
      Effects Gallery
      Simulating Action with the Blur Filters
      Distorting Images
      Creating Lights and Shadows
      Using Textures
      Creating Your Own Filters
      Color Insert
    Chapter 8.  Painting and Drawing
      About Bitmap Images and Vector Graphics
      Filling Areas with Color
      Filling Areas with a Gradient
      Creating and Saving Custom Gradients
      Adding a Stroke to a Selection or Layer
      Using the Brush Tool
      Creating and Saving Custom Brushes
      Creating Special Painting Effects
      Erasing with Customizable Brush Shapes
      Erasing Backgrounds and Other Large Areas
      Removing a Foreground Image from Its Background
      Understanding Shapes
      Drawing Basic Shapes
      Transforming Shapes
      Creating Custom Shapes
      Using the Cookie Cutter Tool
    Chapter 9.  Working with Type
      Creating and Editing Text
      Changing the Look of Your Type
      Working with Vertical Text
      Anti-aliasing Type
      Warping Text
      Warping Text Style Gallery
      Creating Text Effects Using Type Masks
      Applying Layer Styles to Type
      Text Layer Style Gallery
    Chapter 10.  Preparing Images for the Web
      Understanding Image Requirements for the Web
      About the Save for Web Dialog Box
      Optimizing an Image for the Web
      Adjusting Optimization Settings
      Making a Web Image Transparent
      Previewing an Image
      Sending Images by Email
    Chapter 11.  Saving and Printing Images
      Understanding File Formats
      Setting Preferences for Saving Files
      Formatting and Saving Multiple Images Automatically
      Creating a Contact Sheet
      Creating a Photographer's Picture Package
      Setting Up Your Computer for Printing
      Preparing an Image for Printing
      Setting Additional Printing Options
      Printing an Image
    Chapter 12.  Creative Techniques
      Creating Panoramas
      Making Your Own Slide Show
      About Web Photo Galleries
      Creating Animated GIFs
      Compositing Images
    Chapter 13.  The Photo Organizer
      Understanding the Photo Organizer Work Area
      Working in the Photo Browser
      Displaying and Changing Information for Your Photos
      Creating Tags
      Using Tags to Sort and Identify Photos
      Using Categories to Organize Tagged Photos
      Using Collections to Arrange and Group Photos
      Using Stacks to Organize Similar Photos
      Using Catalogs to Store Your Photos
      Finding Photos
    Appendix A.  Editor Keyboard Shortcuts
    Appendix B.  Organizer Keyboard Shortcuts

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