List of Tables

Chapter 3: WBEM and Other Management Systems

Table 3.1: CIM Common Models

Chapter 6: Standard Models

Table 6.1: Conditions

Chapter 7: The Client/Server Interface

Table 7.1: The Intrinsic Methods
Table 7.2: Properties Retrieved by EnumerateInstances( )
Table 7.3: Behaviour of LocalOnly and DeepInheritance

Chapter 8: The Listener Interface

Table 8.1: Some SNMP to CIM_SNMPTrapIndication Mappings
Table 8.2: Some X.733 to CIM_AlertIndication Mappings

Chapter 9: Building Your Own Model

Table 9.1: PBX Classes

Chapter 16: Choosing WBEM Software

Table 16.1: openPegasus v2.2 Lines of Code

Appendix B: "Is-A" and "Has-A" Relationships

Table B.1: Comparison of is a and has a

Appendix D: Miscellaneous Datatypes

Table D.1: The "datetime" Fields

A Practical Approach to WBEM[s]CIM Management
A Practical Approach to WBEM[s]CIM Management
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