Appendix F: Installing openPegasus


The example given in Chapter 12 makes use of the openPegasus WBEM server. Obtaining and installing this software is very easy and, to allow you to reproduce the example, I give a blow-by-blow account here. I have borrowed heavily in this appendix from a document, "Writing a Pegasus CIM Provider," that was released by Nortel Networks into the public domain in October 2002.

openPegasus can be compiled for a number of different platforms, including Linux, openVMS, HPUX, Z/OS, OS/400, AIX, Windows XP and Windows 2000. The process I describe in this appendix is more applicable to the UNIX-like operating systems on this list, particularly to Linux, but the general principles should hold for all.

openPegasus relies on the presence of remarkably few other software packages but it does require gnumake to be installed. This is available from . In its turn , gnumake relies on a few UNIX utilities that are not indigenous to computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system. The openPegasus team has therefore built a utility program, MU.EXE, to provide equivalent utilities for that environment.

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