Importing Profile Information

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The easiest way to import profile information is to copy the entire profile. Sometimes, though, that is not what you want perhaps you want only part of the profile or want to withhold parts (such as cached user IDs and passwords). You can successfully copy certain files from one profile to another. These files include

  • bookmarks.html This file contains all your bookmarks.

  • cookies.txt All cookies are stored in this file. Manage your cookies by selecting Tools, Options, Privacy, Cookies (expand), View Cookies.

  • hostperm.1 Originally called cookieperm.txt, this file contains information about a site's cookie saving privileges.

  • key3.db Firefox stores site logon information in this file.

  • user.js This contains your user configuration.

  • prefs.js This contains initial configuration information.

  • XUL.mfl This file is the cache for both chrome and JavaScript (it's called XUL.mfasl in Linux and OS/X).

  • chrome/userContent.css This contains your content display configuration.

  • chrome/userChrome.css Your browser display configuration is kept here.


If, at any time, Firefox fails to load correctly or looks strange, try deleting the XUL.mfl file. This file is automatically re-created the next time Firefox starts.

There might be other significant files in the profile in addition to these examples.

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