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Firebird (FB)

The old name of Firefox, the standalone web browser.


Cgywin file management utilities needed to build Firefox or Thunderbird.


Cgywin searching utilities used to build Firefox or Thunderbird.


The standalone Mozilla browser, which was spun off from Mozilla Suite. It was once called Firebird and Phoenix. The earlier names were dropped because of conflicts with other product trademarks.


A Firefox extension that allows configuring user preferences more easily than by using about:config or editing user.js.


Has nothing to do with Firefox; it is a standard for a special communications port.


The maker of the FireTweaker extension.

folder pane

The display of folders in Thunderbird, usually on the left side of the Thunderbird main window.

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    Firefox and Thunderbird. Beyond Browsing and Email
    Firefox and Thunderbird Garage
    ISBN: 0131870041
    EAN: 2147483647
    Year: 2003
    Pages: 245

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