Chapter 13. Customizing Thunderbird for Power Users

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  • Finding and Installing Themes

  • Customizing Toolbars

  • Changing the Window Layout

  • Changing the Appearance of Email Messages

  • Locating and Using Your Thunderbird Profile

  • Other Modifications and Tasks

  • Finding and Installing Extensions

  • Changing Hidden Options with about:config

  • Thunderbird Customization Secrets for Power Users

This chapter discusses how you can customize and enhance Thunderbird using settings, themes, and extensions. With these customizations, you are able to make Thunderbird look and work exactly the way you want it to.

You can add functionality with extensions and modify the look and feel of Thunderbird with themes.

In addition to themes and extensions, you can set many configuration settings directly from the Thunderbird Options window. However, some preferences are accessible only through direct manipulation of the prefs.js file or the user.js file, or by using the about:config extension.

In fact, in Thunderbird both extensions and themes work much like they do with Firefox. However, neither Firefox themes nor extensions are compatible with Thunderbird. Fortunately, the theme and extension managers are able to check compatibility.

You'll learn that, just like Firefox, Thunderbird is very customizable and when you are done, you'll know just how to reclaim your inbox.

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