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Edit Categories window   2nd  
Edit Custom Dictionary window  
Edit Index Entry window  
Edit Links window:illustration
       Source file field:Edit Links window
               Element field:Edit Links window; Type field:Edit Links window; Status field:Edit Links window  
Edit Print Areas window  
Edit Sections window  
       macros   2nd  
       XML config files,   [See XML]
editing tools:change marks
       change bars and marks
               bars,   [See change bars]
editing tools:line numbering
       numbering lines
               lines, numbering;version control:numbering lines;editing:editing tools, numbering lines  
               lines:numbering;version control:numbering lines;editing:editing tools, numbering lines  
editing:editing tools for documents
       documents:editing tools  
effects   [See also filters]
       flipping objects  
       grayscale effects, applying to rasters in Draw  
       rotating objects  
Effects window
       objects and text, applying to   2nd  
effects:distorting and curving objects
       draw effects icons
               distorting:objects; curves:curving objects; curving:objects  
effects:entire slide, applying to
       slide transitions:applying
               slides:effects, applying to entire slide  
effects:order, changing for objects
       order:of object effects  
effects:sound and objects
       sound:effects, applying to objects  
effects:special effects (Impress)
       special effects:Impress  
elf dander  
Eliminate Points icon  
       drawing segment of  
email:inserting link to create
       links:creating email with
               links:to news document; news:creating hyperlink to  
email:program for sending document as email
       send as email program  
email:sending document as email
       sending document as email  
empty fields, fixing in mail merge
       mail merge:empty fields, fixing
               troubleshooting:mail merge printing  
empty:pages, suppressing
       pages:empty, suppressing  
Enlargement fields:duplicating object
       Width field:duplicating object
               Height field:duplicating object; Colors fields:duplicating objects; Start field:duplicating object;  
Enter key:changing behavior in spreadsheets
       spreadsheets:Enter key
               Return key:changing behavior in spreadsheets; cells :changing direction of Enter key  
Enter key:changing behavior in StarCalc
       StarCalc:Enter key  
Enter Password window  
equals sign (=) in formulas
       formulas\:equals sign in (=)  
errors   [See troubleshooting]
       form function properties  
Excecute SQL Statement window
       data sources:SQL statements
               SQL:statements for data sources  
       converting to Calc  
Excel:saving spreadsheets in
       StarOffice:saving spreadsheets in 5.2
               spreadsheets:saving as Excel or 5.2;saving:spreadsheet as 5.2 or Excel;exporting:   [See also saving;saving:see also exporting]
exceptions:to AutoCorrect
               automatic:corrections;annoying features:AutoCorrect  
executable:running from file
       program:running from file
               applications:running from presentation; Effects field:interaction effects; transparency:background c  
exponent (^) in formulas
       formulas\:exponent (^)  
Export of Text Files window  
       order of evaluation  
extended object lines, displaying when moving  
eyedropper:Eyedropper window
       Source colors field:eyedropper
               Tolerance field:eyedropper; Replace with field:eyedropper; transparency:replacing a color with; back  

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