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Data Pilot:using
       data sources:opening in Calc with Data Pilot
               spreadsheets:opening data sources with Data Pilot;formulas:Data Pilot and data sources;calculations:  
Data Record Search window  
data sources
       dragging into document  
       HTML table, inserting in spreadsheets  
data sources:data, adding to table
       tables:adding data to new data source tables  
data sources:editing data
       data sources:data source viewer  
data sources:example
       databases:and data sources  
data sources:importing manually into spreadsheet
       spreadsheets:bringing data source into manually  
data sources:links
       links:data sources
               linking:forms to data sources;forms:linking to data sources  
data sources:preparing data
       databases:preparing to create data sources  
data sources:preparing data beforehand
       data:preparing data to put in data sources  
data sources:queries
       SQL:data source queries
               queries:data sources  
data sources:renaming tables
       tables:data source tables, renaming
               renaming:data source tables; names :data source tables  
data sources:rows and columns in spreadsheet
       spreadsheets:rows and columns from data sources
               rows:spreadsheet rows for data source;columns:spreadsheet rows for data source;data sources:importin  
data sources:specifying for form
       forms:specifying data source  
data sources:spreadsheet
       spreadsheets:data source from  
data sources:switching for a form
       forms:switching data sources  
data sources:tables, creating
       tables:creating in data sources
               databases:tables, creating  
data sources:text, creating
       text files:data source, creating  
data sources:text, tutorial
       text files:data source, tutorial for creating from  
data sources:troubleshooting
       troubleshooting:data sources
data:data entry with forms
       forms:data entry
               data sources:data entry with forms  
data:editing data source data
       editing:data source data
               data sources:editing data source data  
       mail merge overview  
databases:ADO connection
       data sources:ADO
               ADO:data source, creating;Access:ADO data source;data sources:Access with ADO  
databases:converting to Writer, RTF, and HTML
       converting:databases to Writer, RTF, and HTML tables
               exporting:databases to Writer, RTF, and HTML tables;tables:converting data sources to Writer, RTF, a  
               Base:creating databases;data sources:tips;troubleshooting:data source tips  
               external databases:exporting to  
databases:field labels, changing
       fields:modifying form labels
               labels:database fields, modifying;forms:modifying control labels;controls:labels, modifying  
               external databases:importing  
databases:migrating 5.2 databases
       StarOffice:migrating 5.2 databases  
databases:new features
       features:new for databases  
       data sources:overview
               fields:relationship to data sources  
               tables:database tables, searching;queries:searching databases;forms:searching;records:searching for  
       data sources:supported
               connecting:to databases,   [See databases, data sources]
dates:adding to drawings
       page:adding to drawings
               time:adding to drawings; filename:adding to drawings; files: name of, adding to drawings  
dates:adding to presentations
       pages:adding to presentations
               time:adding to presentations; filename:adding to presentations; files:name of, adding to presentatio  
dates:format, changing
       fields:date field format, changing
               formatting:date field format, changing  
       field types in data source tables  
dBase:creating data source
       data sources:dBase, creating
               databases:dBase data source, creating  
DDE links to sections
       sections:DDE links
               links:DDE, sections (Writer)  
       formatting in cells  
       setting default places  
decimals\:field types
Default Font Options window (Writer)  
Default option:running presentation
       Window option:running presentation
               Auto option:running presentation; logo:showing when running presentation  
default printer, setting  
default:table format (Writer)
       tables:default format (Writer)  
defaults:presentation default settings
       presentations:default settings, modifying  
Define Bibliography Entry window  
Define Custom Slide Show window
       Name field:custom presentation
               Existing slides field:custom presentation; Selected slides:custom presentation  
Definition fields:hatches, creating and modifying
       Spacing field:hatches, creating and modifying
               Angle field:hatches, creating and modifying; Line fields:hatches, creating and modifying; Line type  
definition filter:example, high and low
       low definition filter example
               high definition filter example  
Delete Points icon
       Split Curve icon
               Convert to Curve icon; Corner Point icon  
deleting   [See also removing]
deleting:macro modules
       opening text files in Calc  
       selecting in text file  
       indenting   [See also indenting]
Derek Smalls
       Smalls, Derek
               David St. Hubbins;St. Hubbins, David  
Design Mode On/Off icon  
       presentation HTML conversion  
       presentation WebCast conversion  
developing for for  
differences between StarOffice and
       features:visual comparison of StarOffice and  
dimension lines
       adjusting, illustration  
       applying specific measurements  
dimension lines: icon, illustration
       icons:dimension line
               icons: connector; connectors: icon, illustration  
dimension lines:drawing
       lines:dimension lines, drawing
               measurements:   [See also dimension lines; rulers:see also dimension lines]
direct cursor
       cursor, direct
               text:selecting with director cursor:selecting:text with direct cursor  
direct cursor\
       use AutoFormat with  
directories   [See also paths]
disk space   [See system requirements]
disk space:background issues
       backgrounds:file size, reducing
               file size:reducing for presentations; presentations:reducing file size  
Distance from borders fields:text frame options
       Full width option:text frame options
               Fit to size option:text frame options; Adjust to contour:text frame options; Text anchor field:text  
       illustration of effects  
Distribution window
       horizontal:distribution options
               vertical:distribution options; Left option:distribution; Center option:distribution; Spacing option:  
dividing (/) in formulas
       formulas\:dividing in (/)  
       vectors, addonprogram
               formulas: addon program dmaths  
       counting:separator characters that affect word count
               words:specifying separator characters for word count;characters:specifying separator characters for  
docments:words and characters in
       characters:in document
               words:in document;counting:words and characters in document  
Document Templates window  
document\:selecting all in
       selecting all in document  
documents: macros, adding to
       macros:documents, adding to  
documents:adding charts (Calc)
       spreadsheets:adding charts
               charts:adding to Calc;inserting:charts (Calc)  
documents:adding frames (Writer)
       text documents:adding frames
               frames:adding to Writer;inserting:frames (Writer)   2nd  
documents:adding graphics and drawings (Calc)
       spreadsheets:adding graphics and drawings
               graphics:adding to Calc;drawings:adding to Calc;inserting:graphics and drawings (Calc);pictures:addi  
documents:adding math formulas (Calc)
       spreadsheets:adding math formulas as objects
               formulas:adding to Calc as objects;inserting:formulas as objects (Calc);equations:inserting as objec  
documents:adding math formulas (Writer)
       text documents:adding math formulas
               formulas:adding to Writer;inserting:formulas (Writer);equations:inserting (Writer)  
documents:adding other documents (Writer)
       text documents:adding other documents
               documents:adding to Writer;inserting:documents (Writer)  
       comparing documents
               text documents:comparing;editing tools:document comparison;version control:comparing documents  
documents:document properties:setting
       documents:document properties:how handled   2nd  
documents:opening recent, setting number
       recent documents, setting number that can be opened  
documents:password protection, removing
       passwords:removing for documents  
documents:seeing which template based on
       template:which used in document  
documents:sending as Email
       text documents:sending as Email
               Email:sending documents as;sending:documents as Email  
               XML:unzipping documents  
DocuTech printing
       printing:DocuTech setup
               printers:DocuTech setup  
downloading staroffice  
       printer setup  
DPI:print settings
       gradients:print settings
               troubleshooting:graphics print settings  
Draw:guided tour
       guided tour:Draw
               tutorial:Draw; graphics:tutorial (Draw); pictures:   [See also graphics, Draw, Image; training, see tutorial]
Draw:objects, creating
       objects:creating basic objects in Draw  
Draw:printing options
       printing options:drawings
               options:   [See also printing options; drawings:printing options; printing:drawings:options]
drawing view
drawing:new, creating
       Draw:creating new drawing
               graphics:   [See also Draw, Image; graphics:creating new drawing; vectors:creating new vector graphic]2nd   [See also Draw, Image; graphics:creating new drawing]
               graphics:creating new drawing; vectors:creating new vector graphic  
drawings:creating and adjusting (Writer)
       graphics:creating and adjusting (Writer)
               pictures:creating and adjusting (Writer);images:creating and adjusting (Writer)  
drawings:dark background, not printing
       backgrounds:not printing dark backgrounds
               printing:not printing dark drawing backgrounds  
drawings:inserting slides from another file
       slides:inserting from another file  
       Draw:opening drawing
               graphics:opening drawing; vectors:opening vector graphic  
drawings:opening as presentation
       Impress:drawings, opening as presentations
               Draw:opening drawings in Impress; graphics:drawings, opening as presentations  
duplex:turning on and off
       printers:duplex:turning duplex on and off
               printing:duplex:turning duplex on and off; printer setup:duplex:turning duplex on and off  
Duplicate window
       Number of copies field:duplicating objects
               copies:number to make of object; X axis field:duplicating object; Y axis field:duplicating object; A  
       colors:changing while duplicating objects
               morphing:colors when duplicating objects  

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