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fading,   [See cross-fading]2nd   [See cross-fading ]
FAQs,   [See troubleshooting]
       3D effects  
       faxing a document  
fax:faxing Web page
       Web:fax, entering
               printing:fax, entering  
features   [See also Guided Tour]
features:new in Draw, Image and Impress
       Draw:new features
               Image:new features;Impress:new features  
features:new in this release
       StarOffice:new features
      features;overview:of new features  
Fertile, Minnesota  
field codes: displaying or hiding in HTML documents
       HTML: displaying or hiding elements of
               notes: displaying or hiding in HTML documents  
Field Format window
       tables:defining fields for data sources
               fields:data source tables, defining fields for  
       example of use  
       using in mail merge  
fields (Writer)  
       inserting in headers and footers  
fields (Writer):turning off gray background
       gray field background, turning off  
fields (Writer)\
fields (Writer)\:DDE field
       DDE field  
fields (Writer)\:input field (variable)
       input field (variable)  
fields (Writer)\:insert formula
       insert formula field  
fields (Writer)\:number sequence
       number sequence field  
fields (Writer)\:set page variable
       set page variable field  
Fields window  
Fields window (Document)  
fields:adding drop- downs to forms
       forms:adding drop-down controls
               controls:adding drop-downs to forms;lists:drop-down lists, adding to forms;values:in drop-down list,  
fields:creating and using (stored data)
       mail merge:fields used in
               dates:   [See also fields;pages:see also fields; variables :see also fields;values:see also fields;conditional:see also fields]
fields:data source fields and field length
       troubleshooting:data source table field length  
fields:page count
       pages:page count fields  
fields:spacing in mail merge
       mail merge:spacing between fields  
fields:stored field values:editing
fields:turning off gray background in Writer
       gray field background, turning off  
fields\:stored field values\:\:any record
       any record field
               records\:any record field;conditional\:any record field  
fields\:stored field values\:\:database name
       databases\:database name field  
fields\:stored field values\:\: next record
       next record field
               records\:next record field;data sources\:next record field;<$nopage>databases\:   [See also data sources;<$nopage>data sources\:see also databases]
fields\:stored field values\:\:record number
       records\:record number field
                numbers \:record number field  
fields\:stored field values\:\:show page variable
       show page variable field
               variables\:show page variable field  
fields\:stored field values\:bookmarks
fields\:stored field values\:chapters
       chapter field  
fields\:stored field values\:conditional text
       conditional\:text field  
fields\:stored field values\:created
       created field  
fields\:stored field values\:date
fields\:stored field values\:description
       descriptions\:description field  
fields\:stored field values\:document number
       documents\:document number field
               numbers\:document number field  
fields\:stored field values\:document template
       document template field
               templates\:document template field  
fields\:stored field values\:editing time
       editing\:editing time field
               time\:editing time field  
fields\:stored field values\:execute macro
       execute macro field
               macros\:execute macro field  
fields\:stored field values\:file name
       file name field  
fields\:stored field values\:form letter field
       form letters \:form letter field
               <$nopage>form letters\:   [See also mail merge, databases, data sources]
fields\:stored field values\:hidden paragraph
       hidden\:hidden paragraph field
               paragraphs\:hidden paragraph field  
fields\:stored field values\:hidden text
       hidden\:hidden text field
               text\:hidden text field  
fields\:stored field values\: info
       information\:info field  
fields\:stored field values\:input
       input field  
fields\:stored field values\:insert reference
       insert reference field
               references\:insert reference field;cross-references\:insert reference field  
fields\:stored field values\:keywords
       keywords\:keywords field  
fields\:stored field values\:modified
       modifying\:modified field  
fields\:stored field values\:most recent print
       most recent print field
               printing\:most recent print field  
fields\:stored field values\:page
       pages\:page field  
fields\:stored field values\:placeholder
       placeholders\:placeholder field  
fields\:stored field values\:sender
fields\:stored field values\:set reference
       set reference field
               references\:set reference field;cross-references\:set reference field  
fields\:stored field values\:set variable
       set variable field
               variables\:set variable field  
fields\:stored field values\:show variable
       show variable field
               variables\:show variable field  
fields\:stored field values\:statistics
               documents\:properties field;document properties\:field  
fields\:stored field values\:time
               time\:standing still  
fields\:stored field values\:title
       titles\:title field  
fields\:stored field values\: user field
       users\:user field  
figure captions:generating table of figures
       figures:list, generating
               table of figures;tables of contents:tables of other items;lists:tables of figures and other items  
figure captions:generating table of figures for master documents
       figures:list, generating for master documents
               table of figures;tables of contents:tables of other items in master documents  
       Attach file option when creating libraries  
       printing to  
       printing to file, options  
files:automatic extensions
               file extensions:creating automatically;automatic:file extensions  
files:converting file types (Draw)
       Draw:converting file types
               converting:file types (Draw); objects:converting to other object type; vectors:converting  
files:converting file types (Image)
       Image:converting file types
               converting:file types (Image); rasters:converting to another raster type  
files:creating based on template (Calc)
       templates:creating document based on (Calc)
               documents:creating based on template (Calc);spreadsheets:creating based on template  
files:creating based on template (Writer)
       templates:creating documents based on (Writer)
               documents:creating based on template (Writer);text documents:creating based on template  
files:creating new (Calc)
       creating:new files (Calc)
               spreadsheets:new, creating  
files:creating new (Draw)
       creating:new files (Draw)  
files:creating new (Writer)
       creating:new files (Writer)
               documents:new, creating;text documents:new, creating;Writer:creating new document  
files:not editable, what to do
       editing files: putting in edit mode
               read-only access:making files editable; troubleshooting:file not editable  
files:printing to (Draw)
       printing:to files (Draw)  
files:printing to (Impress)
       printing:to files (Impress)  
files:printing to (Web)
       printing:to files (Web)   2nd  
files:properties, setting
       properties:file, setting  
Filter window  
filtering:data in data sources
       forms:filtering data in data sources
               data sources:filtering using forms  
       spreadsheets:filtering data  
filtering:standard (Calc)
       spreadsheets:standard filtering  
filters:applying (Image)
               effects:examples (Image)  
filters:data sources
       sorting:data sources
               data sources:sorting and filtering  
filters:in mail merges
       mail merge:queries and filters  
find and replace
       searching:search and replace
               replacing:search and replace  
Fit to Line vertical text option  
Fit to page
       warning dialog  
Fit to page option
       fitting slide onto page (Draw)  
Fit to size option
       fitting slide onto page (Draw)  
Fit to size\
       fitting document onto one sheet of paper  
Fit width to text option:text frame options
       text frames :setup options
               Fit height to text option:text frame options; Left field:text frame options; Right field:text frame  
five-minute guided tour,   [See Guided Tour]
fixed data values  
fixed proportional
       HTML table setup window   2nd  
fixing macros  
floating frames:inserting (Calc)
       inserting:floating frames (Calc)
               adding:floating frames (Calc)  
floating frames:inserting (Writer)
       inserting:floating frames (Writer)
               adding:floating frames (Writer)  
Focus gained event\
Focus lost event\
folders   [See also paths]
font:changing color
       color:changing font
               characters:background color; characters :font color  
font:text (Draw)
       font:size, text (Draw)
               point size:text (Draw)  
       colors:   [See also character formatting]
fonts:changing default (Writer)
       default fonts:changing in Writer  
fonts:changing in standard template (Writer)
       templates:changing fonts in standard template (Writer)
               defaults:fonts. changing in standard template (Writer)  
fonts:default font, changing for HTML documents
       HTML:fonts, changing defaults
               templates:default fonts, changing;styles:default font, changing  
FontWork:moving curved text
       troubleshooting:FontWork text, moving  
       formatting:text, with FontWork
               character formatting:FontWork effects;text:FontWork effects  
footers:handouts, adding to
       headers:handouts, adding to
               handouts:headers and footers  
footnotes:in sections
       endnotes:in sections  
foreground:presentation always in
       Presentation always in foreground
               loop:running presentation in; presentations:running:in automatic loop; presentatins:running:setting  
form controls:properties window
       controls:properties window  
Form Design window  
form functions tearoff menu
       adding components to drawings  
format painter feature
       character formatting:format painter
               paragraph formatting:format painter;formatting:format painter feature;Fill Format feature;formatting  
       spreadsheets, DataPilot  
       tables (Writer)  
       formatting: cells with styles
               colors:   [See also styles]
       character formatting:Writer  
formatting:conditional (cells)
       conditional:formatting (cells)
               dynamic formatting (cells);automatic: cell formatting  
       fields:stored field values:formatting
               dates:formatting for fields;numbers:formatting for fields  
       styles:removing formatting
               character formatting:removing;paragraph formatting:removing;removing formatting;troubleshooting:form  
formatting:styles (Writer)
       styles:formatting with (Writer)  
       form-based filters  
       formatting manually  
forms (databases):using
       databases:forms, using  
forms:adding fields to
       fields:adding data entry fields forms
               controls:adding data entry fields to forms  
forms:adding to drawings
        buttons :adding to drawings
               radio buttons:adding to drawings; check boxes:adding to drawings; dropdown lists:adding to drawings  
forms:adding to presentations
       buttons:adding to presentations
               radio buttons:adding to presentations; check boxes:adding to presentations; dropdown lists:adding to  
forms:creating and using
       data:forms, creating and using  
forms:doing data entry
       data sources:forms for data entry
               data:data entry in forms  
forms:tab order, setting
       tabs:tab order in forms
               order:tabbing in forms  
forms:viewing data
       data:viewing using forms
               data sources:viewing data using forms  
forms:viewing data using
       data:viewing using forms
               data sources:viewing data using forms  
       syntax in Writer and Calc  
formulas:adding to drawings
       floating frames:adding to drawings   2nd  
formulas:adding to presentations
       floating frames:adding to presentations  
formulas:changing formats
       equations:changing formats
               editing:formula formats  
formulas:creating files of
       equations:creating files of
               files:formula;saving:as StarMath formula;StarMath;formulas:importing;equations:importing;importing:f  
formulas:entering manually
       entering:formulas manually
               creating:formulas manually;spreadsheets:entering formulas manually  
formulas:inserting special characters
       special characters:inserting in formulas
               equations:inserting special characters  
formulas:order of evaluation
       algebraic ordering in formulas
               ordering, algebraic;calculations:algebraic order;order of evaluation in formulas;calculations:order:  
frames: unlinking
               linking:unlinking frames  
frames:using in converted presentation
       presentations:frames, using in converted  
From printer setup option:printing options (Draw)
       printing options:Draw
               pages:Page name printing option (Draw); dates:printing option (Draw); time:printing options (Draw);  
Front side option:printing options (Draw)
       Back side option:printing options (Draw)
               Quality option:printing options (Draw); Default option:printing options (Draw); Grayscale option:pri  
       using Netscape  
Function AutoPilot window  
       Function AutoPilot window  
functions:form, new
       forms:new functions  
       IF function
               conditions:in calculations (IF);calculations:conditions in (IF)  

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