Checking Your Documents

Word includes the following shortcuts for accessing its tools for checking the text of your documents and tracking changes to them.

Shortcuts for Checking Your Documents

Run the Spelling and Grammar Checker


Word s default settings are to check grammar in your documents while checking the spelling. Provided that the dictionary spellings are correct, spelling is eminently suitable for checking by computer, because any particular word is spelled either correctly or incorrectly; but grammar is much less suited to checking by computer, because it is complex and full of subtleties. So while you will probably benefit from using the Spelling Checker, you may well want to turn off the Grammar Checker. To do so, choose Tools Options, click the Spelling & Grammar tab of the Options dialog box, clear the Check Grammar with Spelling check box and the Check Grammar As You Type check box, and then click the OK button.

Find the next spelling error

[Alt] - [F7]

This shortcut is great for quickly moving from one apparent spelling error to the next in a document.

Toggle Track Changes on and off

[Ctrl] - [Shift] - [E]

This shortcut is an alternative to double-clicking the TRK indicator in the status bar to toggle the Track Changes setting.

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Update the document s word-count statistics

[Ctrl] - [Shift] - [R]

Word normally keeps the word-count statistics up-to-date, so you shouldn t need to use this shortcut. Word 2000 Word 2000 doesn t include the [Ctrl] - [Shift] - [R] keyboard shortcut (or the ToolsWordCountRecount command that s linked to it in Word 2003 and Word XP).

Display the Research task pane and activate the Translate feature

[Alt] - [Shift] - [F7]

The Translate feature lets you translate the selection into a limited selection of other languages. Word XP Word XP uses the Translate task pane for translation, not the Research task pane. Word 2000 Word 2000 doesn t include the Translate feature.

Windows XP and Office 2003 Keyboard Shortcuts
Windows XP and Office 2003 Keyboard Shortcuts
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