Appendix A. Novell Client Properties

The Novell clients for Windows 9x and Windows 2000/XP contain a large number of configuration parameters to optimize the operation of the client for specific workstation and network configuration. These configuration options are available through the Novell client property pages. To access the Novell client property pages, right-click the red Novell N in the system tray and select Novell Client Properties.

This appendix provides a comprehensive listing of Novell client configuration options for the Novell Client v3.4 for Windows 9x, and Novell Client v4.9 for Windows 2000/XP. This information might vary for older, or newer , versions of the Novell client software. However, much of the information is accurate across multiple versions of the client.

The material has been organized under headings that correspond to the various property pages (tabs) that are available. For each option on a given tab, the following information is specified, where applicable : Default Value, Value Range, and Description.


The client options for Windows 9x and Windows 2000/XP vary significantly due to differences in operating system architecture. Items that do not apply to both versions of the Novell client are so identified.

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